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No going home, no grabbing anything

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canada goose uk outlet My point is that he very, very much not.I of the belief that there a really really solid chance that the Angels may have gotten the best deal of the modern era for a baseball player in Trout. Especially if you consider the size of the contract, and that it better to have more of canada goose hybridge lite uk your payroll going towards «cheaper than their worth» players. Can it go down? Like hypothetically if he started sucking(he won’t) could it drop below 1.8?Good question we were all noobs at one point!Answer from thedeejus, 9 months ago:It kind of like passing yards in the NFL it mostly behaves like a counting stat, it mostly increases over the season, but it possible to go down or even be negative.But nor is it like batting average, which goes up and down throughout the season regularly, and hitting.300 in July is no guarantee you finish the season hitting.300The way the stat is designed, there theoretically shouldn be anyone with negative WAR, the idea being anyone with negative WAR belongs in the minors and can be easily replaced with a 0 WAR players. canada goose uk outlet

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